Selling on artyrama


Why Sell on Artyrama?

Selling on Artyrama gives you exposure to a global community of contemporary African art lovers.  Not only that, Artyrama regularly hosts online exhibitions, auctions and features artists in The Wall, our blog dedicated to showing artists and art news. All of this, and it’s 100% free to host your works on the platform.  Interested? Then let us know.




Sell all of your oginal works on Artyrama


•  Paintings

•  Photography

•  Drawings

•  Collages

•  Mixed Media

•  Sculptures


We’re ecstatic that you’re interested in selling your artwork on Artyrama. What we need to start off are submits of your work.  Your personal details along with a maximum of 10 hi-res images, each no larger than 2mb, can be submitted using our contact form. All uploaded images should be clear, well lit and show the artwork in full.  Once sent, someone from the Artyrama team will contact you within 72 business hours.
We’re happy to accept all artists onto the platform provided you are 18 years old and above. If you stock in other galleries, either physical or online, we’re happy to accept you and your works on the Artyrama platform. 
If your artwork is being held in the Artyrama storehouse, we will manage the shipping of your piece.  If you have you are drop-shipping artist and have your artwork, you will receive an email informing you of a sale.  You will then need to schedule a courier to pick up your sold artwork. Labels and packing guidelines will be shared with. The cost of shipping in both instances will be paid by the customer.
If you sell an original artwork on the platform, Artyrama will take 30% commission of the price displayed on the site. If an agreed site promotion is taking place, the discount will be applied to the total price of the artwork and the 30/70 commission split will be applied.
All Artyrama artist payments are made on the 15th and 29th of the month.  In the event that these days fall on a weekend or a public holiday, payments will be made on the following business day. Payments are made by Bank Wire Transfer only.